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Thread: Kieljoo - Feral Druid DPS

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    Default Kieljoo - Feral Druid DPS

    Real life information.

    1. Age: 24
    2. Country: England
    3. Real life occupation: Compositor
    4. Some information about you: Have completed a degree in computer science, worked for Jagex in graphics on RuneScape, Competed another qualification in Film Special Effects and Compositing

    In game information: Been playing off and on for last 3 years. This char is my main and hopefully will be able to improve my raid experience within your guild.

    5. Character name: Kieljoo
    6. Class: Druid
    7. Race:Tauren
    8. Server: Stormscale
    9. Professions: Enchanting (450) and Tailoring (447)
    10. Gearscore: 5250 PVE and 5334 PVP
    11. Armory link:

    Detailed information:

    11. Previous experience in classic, tbc, wotlk: Was rushed through both Classic and TBC to get to WOTLK. Have been on raids within pugs, but am getting tired of people leaving over loot disputes and stupid grudges. I want to play with people of a similar age and maturity.
    12. Your played time in total: 27 days on this char
    13. Do you have alts? if yes, what classes: Have a low level Mage (36)
    14. What is your previous guilds and reasons for leaving? I was a member of a friends guild that were not into pve and couldnt be bothered to sort out a raid.
    15. Why Black Company? I have heard good things about this guild. Good organisation and determination.
    16. What can u bring in to the guild? I can bring a new generation to the guild. I'm guessing most players in this guild are far more experienced than I, but by sharing their knowledge I can pass it on to other new members in the future.
    17. Have u read thread "Read this before u post application." ? I have, but thought I would try anyway.

    Cheers for ur time.

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    Sorry to low geared.

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