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Thread: BWs: DPS Coefficencies

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    Default BWs: DPS Coefficencies

    Quote Originally Posted by Septic View Post
    I did a quick test today to figure out some of our spell's coefficients, that is how much damage they gain from intellect. It was only a quick test with rounded numbers, but it should give a little overview.
    Basically, my lvl 34 BW casted the spell in question on a lvl 36 target, once without Endless Knowledge (+136 int at lvl 34) and once with. All other factors were the same. Crits were ignored.

    BW lvl 34
    Int: 594
    Int with EK: 730
    Damage is the total damage dealt, including mitigated damage.

    Formula for damage coefficient:

    coef = (DPSwithEK - DPSnoEK) / (EK * 0,2)

    Damage without EK:
    3*199=597 over 9 seco, thus 66,3 dps
    Damage with EK:
    3*213=639 over 9 sec, thus 71 dps
    Coefficient for Ignire: 17.3%

    Boiling Blood
    Damage without EK:
    5*138=690 over 15 sec, thus 46 dps
    Damage with EK:
    5*146=730 over 15 sec, thus 48.6 dps
    Coefficent for Boiling Blood: 10%

    Damage without EK:
    4*258+267=1299 over 9 sec, thus 144.3 dps (Note: Detonate's first tick is right away together with the upfront damage! It actually ticks 4 times, I never knew until today. So, its burst damage is actually even higher, and it will break Fire Cage 75% of the time)
    Damage with EK:
    4*272+308=1396 over 9 sec, thus 155.1 dps
    Coefficent for Detonate: 39.7%

    Withering Heat
    Damage without EK:
    4*427=1708 over 6 sec, thus 284.7 dps (Note: same as Detonate, Withering Heat has one tick right away)
    Damage with EK:
    4*455=1820 over 6 sec, thus 303.3 dps
    Coefficient for Withering Heat: 68.4%

    Damage without EK:
    489 over 3 sec, 163 dps
    Damage with EK:
    544 over 3 sec, 181.3 dps
    Coefficient for Fir****l: 67%

    Damage without EK:
    299 over 1.5 sec, 199.3 dps
    Damage with EK:
    340 over 1.5 sec, 266.7 dps
    Coefficient for Sear: 100%

    Pyroclasltic Surge
    Damage without EK:
    337 over 2 sec, 168.5 dps
    Damage with EK:
    392 over 2 sec, 196 dps
    Coefficent for Pyroclastic Surge: 100%
    This makes Pyroclastic Surge in almost all aspects better than Fir****l!

    Damage without EK:
    482 over 1.5 sec, 321.3 dps
    Damage with EK:
    523 over 1.5 sec, 344.7 dps
    Coefficient for Nova: 100%

    Fir****l Barrage:
    Damage without EK:
    484*3 over 3 sec, 484 dps, DUH!
    Damage with EK:
    512*3 over 3 sec, 512 dps
    Coefficient for Fir****l Barrage: 103%
    Note: since I didnt round any numbers here, this spell actually gets 103% from your int in dps! (However, the game might have rounded numbers...)

    Rain of Fire:
    Damage without EK:
    308*5 over 10 sec, 154 dps (Note: the first tick starts immediately, the last tick seems to be 2 seconds before the channeling ends, thus the last 2 seconds of this spell seem to do nothing. Or maybe I'm just lagging/not paying attention?)
    Damage with EK:
    363*5 over 10 sec, 181.5 dps
    Coefficient for Rain of Fire: 100%

    Fiery Blast
    Damage without EK:
    418 over 3 sec, 139.3 dps
    Damage with EK:
    500 over 3 sec, 166.7 dps
    Coefficient for Fiery Blast: 100%

    Scorched Earth
    Damage without EK:
    187 over 1.5 sec, 124.7 dps
    Damage with EK:
    228 over 1.5 sec, 152 dps
    Coefficient for Scorched Earth: 100%

    Flame Breath
    Damage without EK:
    45*10 over 10 sec, 45 dps (Note: despite what the tool tip says, this spell has 10 ticks over 10 seconds, not over 9)
    Damage with EK:
    49*10 over 10 secs, 49 dps
    Coefficient for Flame Breath: 14.7%

    Disclaimer: this might be totally incorrect, and at best those values are close to the real values due to rounded numbers. Detonate with its two different ways of dealing damage might scale differently (i.e. the mini-nuke getting a different portion of your int dps than the dot).
    Taken from warhammeralliance

    Check the link, better formatting there. Quite interesting piece of info about how your spells are affected by the INT stat.

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    thx nice link
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    Как-то это сложно ИМО
    гораздо проще описать прибавку от инта как коэффициент ДПС-а ( инт/5 ), в принципе, то же тока сбоку, но нагляднее.
    Теоретически он должен соответствовать касттайму, но на деле выходит по другому, например у сорки:
    Doombolt is x2, should be x3 to match 3s cast
    Frostbite is x1, should be x1.5 to match it's 1.5s of global cooldown use
    Gloom of Night is x3, should be x2 to match it's 2s cast
    Hand of Ruin is x4, should be x6 to match it's 6s channel
    x3 Word of Pain ix x1.5, should be x4.5 to match it's 4.5s of global cooldown use
    Shadow Knives is x4, should be x6 to match it's 6s channel
    Pit of Shades is x12, should be x10 to match it's 10s channel

    Gloomburst is x1.5
    Arctic Blast is x2
    Impending Doom is x1.5
    Shades of Death is x1.5
    Chillwind is x1.5
    x1 WoP is x1.5
    Ice Spikes is x1.5
    Surging Pain is x1.5
    Shattered Shadows is x3
    Infernal Wave is x1.5
    Edit: более того, здесь абсолютные цифры, не зависящие от конкрентного спека ( процент будет плыть с вкладыванием спек очков ).
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