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    Hi guys I just wanted to give you the down-lo before you invest some MAJOR cash into this houseing idea. I invested 220pp+ for a mansion in Midgard. I got everything setup, restrictions, access, furnishings, etc. all went well.

    This is where it turned for the worse- I started putting items into the consignment merchant. I managed to put up 2 respec stones for 15pp each (oh yea i wanted someone to PAY for my housing!!) I also tossed some weapons in there for 270gp each.. i come back about 1hr later and STONE is gone!! WHOO HOO!! Then about 2-seconds later I find out it sold for 270gp!! OMG GRR... I then Started REALLY looking into the merchant and noticed about 50% of the items change their prices to other price's of items thats in the merchant. I appealed this problem and asking for a refund for the items that were sold and CSR reported it to the bug team and told me to fill out a "feedback" on herald for items I lost.(basically saying tuff luck pal) Then has the nerve to ask me if i priced the respec stone right. Man I was boiling...

    Ok, next items completly BUGGED!! The house vaults stack items!! Whenever you close the vault that you put items into and go back all the items get stacked. Were not talking 1 or 2 items were talking about 10-20items per slot.. Great benifit eh? I did tell the same csr about the problem and he told me to remove items out of the vault because when they do "FIX" it, the items may be destroyed. DOH!! Nothing like haveing 400vault items dissapper and having another csr tell you to fill out a COMMENT CARD!!

    Also, Your house LOOSES your permissions! I didn't even wanna tell the csr about this problem because he was completly usless to me at this point. But I bought a house yesterday setup the permissions and I log on the next day and Visitors have permission to REMOVE items from the house!! Wow talk about a kick in the butt!! lol..

    My overall feeling about this housing pack is it's a WASTE of TIME and in-game money. I sure if they had beta tested it longer it wouldn't be as bad. I mean I listed the BIG bugs that blew me AWAY... but the little bugs really got to me to... 1. help file ALWAYS come up when you zone in even if you have it checked off. 2. You can't bind in the house and /release home back inside... your always plopped outside the house. 3. Why make the inside a SAFE ZONE?? Comon i wanna see some duels BABY!!

    This is the link with me talking to a csr about my problems (second time) I asked for a refund.. I asked for HELP!! on my 220pp investment.. he basically told me to go fly a kite...and watch the herald until it's fixed... So I WARN you NOW don't buy a house NOW you will regret it.


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